A Timeline for Abraham Lincoln & Events leading through the Civil War 


2/12/1809        Abraham Lincoln is born in Hardin County, Kentucky

12/1816           Lincoln’s family relocates to Spencer County, Indiana

1820                Missouri Compromise divides western US as pro & anti-slavery

3/1830             Lincoln’s family relocates to Macon County, Illinois

7/1831             Lincoln as an adult settles in New Salem, Illinois

4-7/1832          Lincoln serves as captain during the time of the Black Hawk War

8/6/1832          Lincoln is defeated for election to the Illinois legislature

1832-37           Lincoln works on the river, as shopkeeper/owner & land surveyor

8/4/1834          Lincoln is elected to the Illinois House; again in 1836, 1838 & 1840

4/15/1837        Lincoln moves to Springfield, Illinois to begin the practice of law

11/4/1842        Lincoln marries Mary Todd in Springfield

8/1/1843          Lincoln’s first child is born, Robert Todd Lincoln

3/10/1846        Lincoln’s second child is born, Edward Baker Lincoln (Eddie)

8/3/1846          Lincoln elected a two-year term to the US House of Representatives

2/1/1850          Lincoln’s son Eddie Lincoln dies from tuberculosis

9/20/1850        The Compromise of 1850 lowers the nation’s slavery tensions

12/21/1850      Lincoln’s third child is born, William Wallace Lincoln (Willie)

1852                  Alcott’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Life Among the Lowly, is published

4/4/1853          Lincoln’s fourth child is born, Thomas Lincoln (Tad)

5/30/1854        Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854; popular sovereignty in territories

10/16/1854      Lincoln delivers a response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act in Peoria, IL

11/7/1854        Lincoln is elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives

2/8/1855          Lincoln is narrowly defeated for state senator

3/6/1857          Dred Scott Supreme Court Case, mandates slave retrieval everywhere

6/16/1858        Lincoln delivers his ‘House Divided Speech’

8/21-10/15/58  Lincoln in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates throughout Illinois

11/2/1858        Lincoln is narrowly defeated in election for the United States Senate

10/16/1859      John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, VA; attempted slave uprising

2/27/1860        Lincoln delivers the Cooper Union Address in New York City

5/18/1860        Lincoln is selected as the Republican nominee for President of the US

11/8/1860        Lincoln is elected President of the United States

12/60-6/61       Southern States secede to form the Confederate States of America

3/4/1861          Lincoln is inaugurated President & gives his First Inaugural Address

4/12/1861        Fort Sumter, SC bombarded; the onset of the War Between the States

7/21/1861        First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia, won by the Confederates

2/6&16/1862   Forts Henry & Donnelson, Tennessee, won by the Union

2/20/1862        Lincoln’s son Willie Lincoln dies

4/6-7/1862       Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, slight victory by the Union

4/25/1862        New Orleans, Louisiana is captured by the Union

5/31-6/1/1862  Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia, won by the Confederates

6/25-7/1/1862  Seven Days Battle, Virginia, won by the Confederates

8/29-30/1862   Second Battle of Bull Run, Virginia, won by the Confederates

9/17/1862        Battle of Antietam, Maryland, won by the Union

                        9/22/1862        Lincoln issues a Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

                        9/24/1862        Lincoln issues Union-wide suspension of writ of habeas corpus

12/13/1862      Battle of Fredricksburg, Virginia, won by the Confederates 

1/1/1863          Lincoln issues The Emancipation Proclamation

5/1-4/1863       Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, won by the Confederates

7/1-3/1863       Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, won by the Union

7/4/1863          Fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi, won by the Union

9/19-20/1863   Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, won by the Confederates

11/19/1863      Lincoln delivers The Gettysburg Address in Pennsylvania

11/23-25/1863 Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee, won by the Union

12/8/1863        Lincoln issues the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

6/19/1864        General Grant begins Union siege of Petersburg, Virginia

8/5/1864          Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama, won by the Union

9/2/1864          Atlanta, Georgia falls; won by the Union

11/10/1864      Lincoln is reelected President of the United States

12/15-16/1864 Battle of Nashville, Tennessee, won by the Union

12/22/1864      Savannah, Georgia occupied, won by the Union

1/31/1865        The Thirteenth Amendment is passed by Congress, securing freedom from slavery. It was ratified 12/6/1865.

3/4/1865          Lincoln re-inaugurated, delivers The Second Inaugural Address

4/3/1865          Petersburg & Richmond, Virginia occupied; won by the Union

4/10/1865        General Lee surrenders at Appomattox, Virginia, won by the Union

4/11/1865        Lincoln’s final speech encouraging Reconciliation & Restoration

4/14/1865        President Lincoln is assassinated; he dies the following morning

5/4/1865          Abraham Lincoln is entombed in Springfield, Illinois

7/9/1868          The Fourteenth Amendment is ratified, guaranteeing equal rights

2/3/1870          The Fifteenth Amendment is ratified, guaranteeing voting rights

In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.